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Woman to stroke small penis I Seeking Private Sex

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Woman to stroke small penis

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Powered by WordPress. This week, she responds to a letter from one of her YouTube subs submissive who desires to set his stroke game up proper.

What other tips can you suggest? Please help!

I appreciate your feedback and honesty. It will be uniquely yours, so release any expectations that it will look exactly like this or.

Get out of your head and focus on giving and receiving pleasure. Take these things into consideration:. Instead of thrusting with your entire lower body in a straight in and out motion, use your hips in s,all isolated rolling motion to penetrate.

Practice rocking just your hips forward to penetrate deeply, and shallow. Another technique is rocking the hips back to bring the head of your penis to the vestibule of the vagina, anus or fleshy insides of the facial lips.

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Shallow strokes penetrate your desired orifice using just the tip of your penis. Long strokes are deeply penetrating allowing you to enjoy the furthest depth of any orifice you choose.

Whether you count how many strokes peenis do before switching up the motion finding boyfriend online depth or sing a song in your head, the pacing is the key to stimulation. Correction in the heat of the moment is the best way to ensure mutual satisfaction.

All that is required is for you to be open to change. Your skills and confidence will naturally improve with repetition. Glamazon Tyomi knows all things sex.

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Just watch. Follow her GlamazonTyomi.

By Glamazon Tyomi Posted March 1,